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  • $5.8 Million Jury Verdict
Construction Fall Down Case.
  • $3.9 Million
Recovery for a client who underwent unsuccessful facial surgery resulting in permanent injuries.
  • $3.1 Million
Wrongful Death Auto Accident.
  • $1.15 Million
Recovery for client who suffered brain trauma – closed head injury and permanent hearing damage.
  • $1,050,000
Pedestrian knockdown with cognitive injuries.
  • $800,000
Recovery motor vehicle accident involving emergency neck surgery.
  • $785,000
Jury verdict following a pedestrian accident with a motor vehicle. Where the client suffered severe burns.
  • $775,000
Recovery for trucking accident which caused the plaintiff to undergo spinal surgery
  • $775,000
Product Liability recovery after client sat in a chair which was improperly constructed and then hit his head injuring lower back.
  • $750,000
Truck Accident recovery accident resulting in a neck and back injury.
  • $644,981
Recovery for motor vehicle accident with a commercial vehicle resulting in neck surgery.
  • $570,000
Recovery for truck accident. Plaintiff underwent spinal fusion surgery.
  • $555,000
Plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury, injuries to his ribs and lungs, neck, back, and shoulders as a result of head on collision with another vehicle.
  • $500,000
Settlement recovery for a cyclist who was struck by motor vehicle. Injuring his lower back, knee and shoulder. Client also suffered a closed head injury.
  • $500,000
Recovery following a ceiling collapse. Our client was in her bedroom and the ceiling fell on her head causing significant damages including neck surgery. Our firm was forced to conduct extensive discovery to impeach the landlord’s version of the incident.
  • $437,500
An old woman injured by the entrance door of a studio. The plaintiff used video-taped evidence taken after the accident and an engineer to prove the door’s “closer” unit was in disrepair, which caused the door to close from the open position in less than 2-seconds, while the applicable code required the door to close in no less than 5-seconds.
  • $425,000
Plaintiff hired a roofing contractor to clean his chimney and was injured when, during the course of the work, chemicals being used by the contractor ignited and burned the Plaintiff inside the house.
  • $425,000
Recovery for construction equipment accident with a motor vehicle.
  • $425,000
Recovery motor vehicle accident.
  • $400,000
Recovery for motor vehicle accident involving neck surgery.
  • $400,000
Plaintiff rear-ended by another vehicle. Plaintiff underwent a cervical hemilamenectomy, discectomy, and foraminotomy.
  • $375,000
Recovery for motor vehicle accident.
  • $350,000
Plaintiff rear-ended by another vehicle. As a result of the accident, she exacerbated a pre-existing back injury and required a lumbar fusion surgery.
  • $350,000
Recovery motorcycle accident following wrist surgery.
  • $350,000
Recovery for trucking accident.
  • $325,000
Motor vehicle accident where plaintiff underwent a cervical fusion surgery.
  • $325,000
Recovery for motor vehicle accident.
  • $300,000
Motor vehicle accident recovery where our client was impacted by a commercial vehicle and subsequently had spinal surgery including permanent hardware.
  • $300,000
Recovery for sudden elevator descent resulting in back injury.
  • $250,000
Plaintiff struck by motor vehicle that was performing an illegal U-Turn on a residential street. The plaintiff underwent a cervical discectomy following unsuccessful conservative treatment.
  • $245,000
Plaintiff struck by a motor vehicle during the course of his employment and underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator-cuff.